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AI to Patrol the EU Borderline

Nov 14, 2018

Let's talk about a polygraph also known as ‘a lie detector’. To be more precise - about a European project iBorderCtrl. Or if even more precise - about why the AI-polygraph functions in the new system of border control have an extremely low value. And some last but not least - a spectacular example of how fake news spreads across the Internet.... Read more

Don't Trust your Eyes

Nov 09, 2018

People easily fall victims of deepfake. For already long fakes have been not limited to appearing in social networks, made-up news, and rumours. Now you can’t be sure literally about anything you see on the screen.... Read more

Schrödinger's Cat vs. Moore's Limit

Nov 05, 2018

Today the neural networks are all the rage. They are capable of writing poems, driving a car or helping you to choose the best vacation photos. What is more, they even learn themselves! Jolly good and rightly so. But in the meantime there’s a technology under development, that will change usual calculation principles. Let’s sort out what a quantum computer is, what this all is about, and what a cat has to do with it.... Read more

To Turn your Outsourcing Experience into Joy

Oct 31, 2018

Hiring an outsourcing vendor is something you have to take seriously because if you choose a wrong partner, your project is doomed to failure. We have closely analyzed the process and come up with 11 tips to remember if you want your software outsourcing to be a success.... Read more

Intercultural Communication as Component of Success

Oct 25, 2018

Rather often a company that suits you most and that you want to contract with is located in a different part of the world. In that case, to improve business relations and achieve successful communication, you should bear in mind cultural differences, as you will certainly face them. In fact...... Read more

Why to be Agile in Company Culture

Oct 23, 2018

Agile helps a lot in developing excellent software, its principles such as open face-to-face communication, self-organization, and sustainable development are crucial in terms of successful completion of tasks; but we think they can also be applied to company culture and teach us how to make this culture essential.... Read more

Your Introduction to World of Agile & Scrum

Oct 18, 2018

If you discovered the world of information technologies and software development not long ago, read this article, where we tried to explain this concept at the elementary level. Agile project management brings true benefits coming down to a high quality of a product, high satisfaction of a customer, better project control and reduced risks. The Agile methodologies are based on 4 ideas, which are...... Read more

The Art of Seeking for Vendor has never been that Simple

Oct 16, 2018

Rather few companies choose the appropriate outsourcing vendor at the first attempt. We can give you advice and suggest three main criteria with the help of which you’ll be able to evaluate a vendor before contracting them. They are:... Read more

Busting Software Outsourcing Myths

Oct 12, 2018

Thousands of IT-companies around the world offer software development services and attract a huge number of customers. Many people are confronted with a question: does hiring an outsourcing company bring more benefits or damage? To answer this question, let’s analyze some reasons why IT projects can fail.... Read more

How IT help a business grow

Dec 06, 2017

The fastest and easiest way to make a business operate more efficiently is to introduce fundamental changes by means of IT technologies. Cloud solutions allow storing the content, bots substitute human resources, web and mobile apps ensure security and productivity in financial, banking and commercial sectors. These are habitual things we come across every day. What’s behind the curtains?... Read more

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