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The worst week since 2008: coronavirus infects markets, including IT

Mar 11, 2020

S&P 500 -13%, Euro Stoxx 50 -14%, Nikkei 225 -9%... Leading global media have called last week the worst for markets since the crisis of 2008. Does this mean that in the near future, we will face a new global financial crisis? Or the new wave of the epidemic was just an excuse for short-term stock market speculations, and markets will go back to normal soon? Let’s learn the opinions of experts.... Read more

Bitcoin Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow: Is There a Future for Crypto Industry?

Feb 25, 2020

Two years ago, when the market value of bitcoin reached $ 20,000, cryptocurrencies were one of the most hyped topics. After a while, the cryptocurrency market began to decline, bitcoin dropped to $ 10,000, and then to $ 4,000, so people began to forget about cryptocurrencies, recalling them only to grumble on “the next Ponzi pyramids” and predict their complete death. But next year showed that critics got a little hasty.... Read more

Secrets of generation Z

Feb 19, 2020

Representatives of Generation Z are already among us. They work together with us in companies, and the success of our business depends on their diligence and sometimes even on the decisions they make. Is it good or bad? What to expect from сentennials as employees? Together with experts from HR and recruiting departments, we will analyze the main stereotypes about Generation Z, as well as learn the opinion of the centennials themselves, in a series of 3 articles.... Read more

Dinge, die euer CTO kennt

Feb 13, 2020

Bevor ihr mit der Arbeit an einem Projekt beginnt, sei es eine kleine „Home - Anwendung“ oder eine monumentale Enterprise-Lösung, stellt sich für Personen, die den Beginn der Entwicklung einleiten, die Frage: „In welcher Sprache werden wir schreiben?“. Es mag scheinen, dass die Antwort genug einfach ist, aber nicht jeder weiß, dass man mit der Frage „Was werden wir schreiben?“ beginnen muss.... Read more

How China Fights Against the Epidemic and Who Wins

Feb 13, 2020

Coronavirus is now a #1 topic in mass media. The information published is quite controversial, ranging from the forecasts that 2019-nCoV is a global threat to all humankind to the supposition that the virus is a problem of certain Chinese provinces only, and the epidemic will die out on its own. We tried to understand the situation by learning the opinions of experts, as well as of people in close vicinity to the epidemic outbreak.... Read more

Как Китай борется с эпидемией и кто побеждает

Feb 10, 2020

Коронавирус сейчас - тема №1 в СМИ. Причем информация публикуется весьма противоречивая, начиная от того, что 2019-nCoV - глобальная угроза для всего человечества и заканчивая тем, что вирус - проблема отдельных китайских провинций и эпидемия затухнет сама собой. Мы попытались разобраться в ситуации, узнав мнения экспертов, а также людей, находящихся в непосредственной близости от очага эпидемии.... Read more

Whole Restaurant on One Screen and Blockchain as a Bonus

Jan 29, 2020

Many entrepreneurs understand how important it is to implement IT solutions for business on time, but few know what kind of software their businesses need. Due to this, the moment of making an important decision constantly gets delayed, and the business, meanwhile, is losing some of the profit. It’s not that difficult to understand the entrepreneurs’ doubts. Nowadays, there is a great variety of apps for business, and their number is growing with each day. However, not all of them would really suit and help a particular company, not to mention that a list of best applications varies depending on a sphere. In this article, we are going to find out what applications are the most helpful for the restaurant business.... Read more

5 most popular categories of applications for sales and customer communications

Jan 14, 2020

We continue the series of articles about popular types of business applications. In the first part, we discussed popular programs and services that are needed to organize and optimize internal business processes. In this article, we’ll talk about categories of applications targeted at customer communications. One of the main motivators that encourage companies to launch mobile applications is the principle “Mobile First”. Until a few years ago, the share of mobile traffic on many popular resources exceeded 50%. Since then, companies, from the most active and ambitious to the average ones, have gradually embraced the mobile segment. The first step usually was to adapt a website for mobile devices, and initially, it might have seemed to be enough. Eventually, however, it became clear that applications were much more convenient and faster than mobile versions of websites. The trend began to develop, and step by step, leading categories, the majority of mobile apps can be divided into, were formed.... Read more

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