5 main points to create incredible eLearning software

Feb 15, 2019

Smart is the new sexy, isn’t it? Knowledge, various skills, and keen mind are cultivated in modern society, and almost everyone wants to come across as an intelligent person. Nowadays it’s not only trendy to be smart, but also indispensable, as our constantly changing world requires learning new skills quickly. However, who of us is free enough to attend time-consuming classes or stay in the library for many hours? Few people have time for that, but at the same time, most of them have digital devices of all kinds. These two trends – smart and devices – fuel the popularity of eLearning.
In a broad sense, eLearning (Electronic learning) is learning with the help of informational and electronic technologies. Nowadays eLearning is represented by websites, online courses, various web-applications, and programs so that they are available for everyone who wishes to gain knowledge. eLearning systems make learning cheaper and more flexible, plus students can pick up a course regardless of their location. As a result, the eLearning market is growing fast and is predicted to grow up to $15 billions by 2121. Therefore, the creation of a custom eLearning software is as good and profitable as the creation of a dating application.
So what makes a good eLearning application? Here are 5 crucial aspects.

    №1 Content

After all, people use such systems to learn something new, hence content is the thing you should care about most. A good eLearning training course includes useful material such as lectures, books, quizzes, exercises, and simulators. The whole course should be organized in a way that gives flexibility to your users and allows making personal learning schedule due to time and courses options. Bear in mind testing: it should be flexible for student and automated for teachers so that this procedure is convenient for both. Also, the great idea is to organize your learning system in accordance with popular educational standards: SCORM, xAPI, LTI or AICC.

    №2 Gamification and social media

If you want your eLearning solution to be popular among users, it should contain alternative mechanisms of learning, rather than rough material and exercises. How about gamification and social forums? Using game-like elements will help users to stay focused, decrease stress, and give some additional motivation to learn. As for social forums, the possibility to communicate with those who grind away at their studies is valuable for learners, as they can share experience and help each other. Plus communication as a part of the learning process can help decrease stress too. In one word, those two additional trends – games and social forums – are must-have for your learning software.

    №3 Design

Your users are already exerting efforts to gain new knowledge. The why should they struggle to understand how to use the system? Make sure your eLearning solution is user-friendly enough, with a simple sign on steps and all necessary functions at hand. Don’t make your users complete unnecessary quests.
Visual design is no less important than the site map. Simple and minimalistic, without acid colors that distract attention and tire eyes – that’s how the right design for eLearning system should look like. It should create the right atmosphere for learning, rather than make users close the application as soon as possible.

    №4 Marketing and monetization

Creating the best eLearning software is not enough. You need to promote it, otherwise, your competitors will have the upper hand. Advertising on search engines, banners, and social media, company website and blog are the most effective ways to promote your eLearning product that will bring it to the top. And obviously, if you want to make money out of the eLearning system, you need to choose the right monetization strategy.

    №5 The right eLearning vendor

Any great idea is senseless if your development team is not skilled enough to make it into reality. The right team for your project should consist of eLearning developers that are experts in programming. Therefore, if you have already made up your mind to order eLearning software, contact us.

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