5 most popular categories of applications for organizing internal processes in a business

Dec 23, 2019

Mobile applications have been introduced into the business for several years. There are many types and categories of software that companies from various fields use. However, there are several categories of applications that are most popular. In this article, we are going to consider the 5 most popular types of software for organizing internal business processes.

A few years ago, people were wondering what is better: an application or a mobile version of a website, but now this question is no longer relevant. Perhaps mass media and information portals can still go with the mobile version, but a developing business from any other sphere do need an application. There might be some exceptions, but numerous articles devoted to this topic prove the growing popularity of applications.

Applications can help businesses solve a variety of challenges and help in various processes. This is the first part of a series of two articles, where we will talk about the 5 top categories of software for organizing internal business processes.

5 most popular categories of applications for organizing internal processes in a business

Having analyzed the situation on the market in general and our own experience in particular, we selected the most popular categories and areas of use of specialized software. Besides the described 5 categories, there are other areas where applications are actively used – a few words about this you can read in conclusion.

Stock-taking and property accounting

Software for inventory allows controlling and maintaining property accounting more effectively. This is especially noticeable when a company owns property in various places. For example, Andersen’s specialists participated in the development of such service for a large oil company with branches in many regions of Russia. This application allows both white-collar and blue-collar workers to maintain property accounting. The same system receives information about resources and consumables. Moreover, the data is synchronized instantly, no need to wait until the information is transferred from a remote point to the central office and only then entered into the database.

Personnel management

Applications of this category will help to effectively manage the most valuable resources of the company – human resources. HR services can include functionality for assigning tasks to employees, analysis of working time efficiency, and data on the labor market and information on applicants, if necessary. As is the case with applications for bookkeeping, there are many off-the-shelf solutions on the market, which are available by subscription. They are not perfect, but they can work for startups with small budgets. Medium-sized and large businesses are advised to think about developing their own software focused on specific current tasks.

Gather and analysis of customer information

CRM systems were actively used by businesses before the spread of mobile applications. The possibility to use CRM not only with a PC but also with a mobile phone has made working with customer information even more simple, as well as has increased work efficiency. Mobile CRMs had a significant impact on the work of companies, agents of which are engaged in on-site sales. The agents got the opportunity to enter information into CRM right in the process of or after meeting with a client, without having to call at the office.

For Andersen’s specialists, developing a CRM system is one of the most frequent tasks. Companies would rather order a CRM designed for themselves than use a standard platform. In the last couple of years alone, we developed CRMs for call centers, online stores, and other companies in the field of trade and services. One example is a project for Exigo – a company engaged in direct sales.

Report generation

Applications for report generation make it possible to simplify formal tasks for employees. Previously, special programs were created in order to minimize the likelihood of errors in formal documents. The next task – to simplify the process, to make the interface simple and intuitive. This saves time on generating documents, and, accordingly, saves the company’s resources. The applications for report generation are needed by both large companies and small businesses.

Security and privacy

In this category, we combined applications for internal communication with a high degree of protection, services for storing and processing documents (including online signatures), etc. Such software is in demand among companies with offices in different countries, as well as among those who actively work with freelancers and third-party contractors. In some cases, negotiating on Skype, as well as sending important confidential information via email, can be too risky. Specialized applications cope with the task of data protection better than standard mail services and messenger apps.

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