5 things you should never forget when contracting outsourcing vendor

Jan 08, 2019

Before setting up relations with an outsourcing vendor, you should pay attention to the wide range of issues that can affect the success of the work, like skills, price, etc. But even so, some really important issues go unnoticed. A couple of things that are usually forgotten to be taken into account are shown below. Make sure you consider them before signing a contract.

Strong relations

If you want your cooperation to be fruitful, first of all you should focus on building sustainable and long-term relations with the company you have chosen for partnership. The better your business relations are, the more effective your collaborative work is. Your partner should have the same opinion. Key elements of such relations are mutual respect and accountability, as well as clear goal setting at the very beginning.

Necessity of communication

The necessity of communication must be emphasized here. Without open communication any project is doomed to failure. If you want the result that will satisfy everyone, you should always discuss every single detail of the project. You need to make sure you and your partner understand each other. For that purpose your communication should be friendly and relaxed, what, by the way, can be easily achieved over regular face-to-face meetings or video conference, rather than over text messages.

Tight-knit teamwork

During the development process there will be a lot of tasks and challenges that can be successfully solved only through hard work of a solid team. It means that a priority should be placed on teamwork rather than on individual work, so that each member of the team is striving for the common goal and ensures that the whole team is clinging to the line. The basement for a solid team is trusting environment, open communication, respect and confidence in each other. So if all things mentioned above describe your outsourcing team and your relations, your teamwork will be productive.

Necessity of a visit to your partner’s company

Visiting a partner’s company is the activity that outsourcing customers usually avoid, explaining it by the idea that in the digital age it is simply a waste of time and money. However, visiting your partner regularly (at least once in three months) not only allows you to discuss some important issues in detail, but also gives the opportunity to build strong relations. When you deal with the company for the first time, visiting the office will help you to form a judgement about it’s quality, reliability, etc. That’s why it would be better to make the first visit to all outsourcing vendor companies you consider as your potential partners before signing a contract.

Cultural differences

As mentioned above, successful result depends on mutual understanding of both sides. But full understanding might get difficult if you and your partner belong to different cultures. Disregard of cultural differences, as well as language barriers, can ruin your business relations. To avoid misunderstandings while working with the vendor from a different country, you should pay attention to all cultural differences, if any. Learn as much as possible about the culture of your vendor’s motherland, study traditions and the style of communication. If you get ready for intercultural communication with your potential partner in advance, it will help you avoid a lot of problems in the future.

The important thing about outsourcing or global sourcing is that it becomes a very powerful tool to leverage talent, improve productivity and reduce work cycles.


©Azim Premji, Indian business tycoon, investor and philanthropist

For our part, we do our best to ensure the quality performance of work and effective cooperation. Special priority is given to teamwork and building strong business relations with our customers. We believe that open communication, mutual trust, confidence and responsibility are key elements to successful interaction, and for that reason we apply those principles in our communication with both customers and team members. Besides, our open mindedness allows us to be partners with companies around the globe. We are always open for partnership, so visit Andersen to learn more about our company and form your own opinion about us.

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