8 Tips how to stay fit or modern challenges at work

Sep 28, 2017

We might constantly face a temptation to eat more at work: colleagues treat us to home baking, candies or chips. Birthday celebrations, including yours, hardly can be imagined without cakes or pizza. Tea and sweets variety brought by attentive HR managers. Sounds familiar? It all affects the physical form. Imperceptibly you start losing former lightness and put extra inches on your beltline.

Hardly can you believe the numbers standing on scales. Dramatically increasing, the numbers stop when they reach an absolutely fantastic indicator. Is work the place where you put on weight? Could be.

This conclusion is not based on private stories, fiction, hypothesis or contemplation. It’s based on facts. You might find it hard to comprehend. If the word “to work” means to make hard efforts while achieving a specific result, how can it be possible to put on weight here? It doesn’t sound logical. Generally, we consider if someone works, he/she burns off calories. Burning off calories means losing weight.

Unfortunately, this classic conclusion is outdated. Recently, a workflow has undergone a number of significant changes, which cause weight gain among a great variety of people occupied in different professional fields.

How much time do you spend sitting at work, at home, and driving? Who cares of this calculation? According to the experts’ opinion, we spend up to 10 hours per day sitting down. It means almost all day long.

Let’s compare modern workplaces with the ones popular in the 1960s. In those times, the office life used to be highly active. The employees were always running here and there: they had to carry folders with documents and reports from one office to another; the employees needed to attend various events. The environment at work was hectic and full of energy. It was the time when the majority of occupations (both in mental and physical spheres) required being very active. However, the situation has changed for the next decades. In the 1960s, approximately 50% of all professions required at least moderate physical activity. Today the number of such professions has reduced to 20%.

When we think of modern office facilities, one can immediately bear in mind long rows of tables with dividers and employees knocking on their keyboards non-stop. The fingers are restless but hardly move their owners. Is it still necessary to carry folders with documents? Just one click with the mouse. Are there any negotiations to be held? You can do it through video tools. Do you need to discuss anything with your boss? Send him/her an email. Do you need to answer a phone call? Use hands-free.

Millions of professions that used to require a lot of activities and employees were to run back and forth with the speed of a cheetah. Now they sit all day long at workplaces. As a result, millions of calories are stored at the beltline.

Do you have to be sitting daily in front of your computer, to answer phone calls with hands-free and to participate in video conferences? Do you have all necessary things for work at hand, so that there was neither need to strain after it nor to stand up? If you say “yes”, you have an ideal opportunity to gain some extra kilos.

We offer a few useful tips that will definitely help you stay in form even under the condition of nonactive daily work.

Breakfast at work

You can have breakfast at work only if you’ve taken “proper” food with you. In practice, very few employees can do it. Often breakfast at work is made of sweets and pastry. Moreover, the food just before a working day doesn’t add energy, on the contrary, it may cause the desire to have a break and a cup of coffee, or to smoke a cigarette.  As a result, it can badly affect not only the form but the working process as well.

So it’s healthier to have breakfast at home.

Eat in small portions

It’s not a secret that office life is made of snacks.  Most often, these are cakes, sweets, and biscuits brought by attentive colleagues. But you can have snacks with healthy food too. Biscuits can easily be substituted with lean yogurt, cottage cheese, fresh or dried fruit. Make sure you have meals in small portions and the interval between meals is no more than 2 hours.

Start your day with a walk

Nothing intensive, just a short walk to cheer up. You can do it instead of taking a bus or a car, just pass one bus stop distance on foot. Walking is good not only to prevent heart problems, it improves brain activity, allows to relax, prescinds from work and household duties.

Count steps

It is proved that once you count the steps, it encourages you to walk more. A pedometer might be helpful. If you move fast, you spend approximately 90 calories per 1 kilo in a minute, which means you can lose up to 200 calories in half an hour if walking fast.

Try to leave your office desk more often

Take an advantage of any opportunity to perform some activity during the working day. Communicate with colleagues “on the fly”. When you need to consult a colleague, don’t call and don’t send messages either, come up and talk. Try to use the lift neither at work nor at home.

Be careful with coffee

It’s not recommended to have more than 1-2 cups per day. It’s better to drink more water. It will fulfill the liquid inventory in the body and will ease control over appetite.

The wrong posture is the reason for extra weight

The deformed spine badly affects the digestive system. The abdominal muscles are weakened due to spinal curvature. The consequence is the digestion disorder. The incorrect spine position makes it difficult for the lungs to breath properly. The body doesn’t get enough oxygen to burn calories off.

Here are a few tips of correct body position to keep throughout the working day: keep your chin with parallel to the floor, the belly muscles are strained, your head, neck and upper torso and shoulders remain straight. It’s recommended to lean your back and tailbone against the chair. You can also get a special orthopedic pillow.

Active weekends

Have more activities at weekends. Don’t spend all weekends sitting down on the sofa, at the computer, and even at the table when visiting friends. Go for a walk, arrange a journey on foot together with your friends or a team game between offices, sign up for a climbing course or trampolines, or go to the pool. However, what is even more important, go to bed earlier.

As you can see, it’s not difficult to have a healthy lifestyle and stay in a good form even if having a confining job. You just need to correct habits and arrange work properly. Following these tips will keep you healthy, young and in a perfect form. The tips are totally compliant with your career.

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