The Art of Seeking for Vendor has never been that Simple

Oct 16, 2018

Rather few companies choose the appropriate outsourcing vendor at the first attempt. Usually, this process seems to be similar to something like shopping: among all vendors, companies tend to choose the one which meets all their requirements and provides the lowest price for services. However, it doesn’t work this way. In fact, hiring an outsourcing vendor is (or at least should be) like hiring a new team member. We doubt that any good and experienced employer would have the same ‘purchasing’ approach to job candidates – quite risky.

So what’s the best way to choose a vendor?

In order to choose an outsourcing vendor, first you need to follow these steps:

Make a list of several vendors for further consideration
Narrow down this list with the help of the criteria you consider to be valid
Learn more about each remaining vendor and then choose the best one

There is nothing difficult about this approach, is there? By the way, through following all of the up-to-date standards and techniques, Andersen has been shortlisted as the best vendor by more than 200 companies worldwide and has successfully completed a vast number of software projects.

Of course, only you can say what is better for your outsourcing company and which vendor would suit you most. Nevertheless, we can give you advice and suggest three main criteria with the help of which you’ll be able to evaluate a vendor before contracting them. They are:

1. Technical competence

2. Size

3. Compatibility with your working hours

Now let’s discuss each of them in detail.

Technical competence

Your outsourcing vendor must have the experience you need for your project. Instead of gaining such experience during the work process, they should already possess it. So make sure they do. Plus, find out whether the vendor has completed previous similar projects successfully. It would be better if the vendor told you about projects completed for other companies and skills they employed.


The success of your project can depend on the overall size of the vendor you contract. Normally, teams consist of 5-25 members. If it is too small, there may be a shortage of engineers, which may adversely affect the results of the work. But if a vendor company is rather large, you may experience such problems as lack of communication, constant rotation of people working with you, etc. So make sure the size of the vendor is appropriate for the size of the project you are working on.

Compatibility with your working hours

When choosing a vendor company, bear in mind its location, especially the time difference. Ideally, the working hours of the vendor should coincide with yours. The bigger the time difference is, the more difficult it will be to cooperate. Thus, it makes sense to choose the location carefully.

With the help of the criteria mentioned above, you’ll be able to choose the best company to cooperate with. We take these criteria in mind too, therefore are frequently chosen for partnership. Andersen specializes in various technology stacks so we can guarantee our technological competence. We always pay full attention to every project and provide the necessary amount of engineers for it. That’s why you can rely on our company and work with us.

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