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How Internet of Things can Help in Goods Supplies

May 31, 2019

Internet of Things is an amazing technology: wherever applied, it yields benefits, regardless of whether you need coziness in a house or help in business, for example, in the supply chain. The use of IoT at home in the form of smart houses and smart household devices is known to everyone, and we published the article about it too. But when it comes to the use of IoT in the supply chain, many questions arise.

In the meanwhile, Internet of Things can significantly improve the process of supply. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not here to take out the jobs of people. In our opinion, IoT should be taken as a powerful tool that will help with such things as optimization of asset utilization, solution for security problems (forgery or theft), resources and workflow monitoring, data analysis, reduction of manual data processing to increase accuracy and reduce time, improvement of services provided to clients, etc. The IoT technology has great potential for this sphere, and here are 5 things that will be possible and much easier after its implementation.

Shipment monitoring

Your clients will be satisfied only when they know what’s going on and where are their orders at a particular moment. This can be achieved with IoT. Enabling your clients to monitor shipment and delivery via a mobile app, you will win their trust, as well as the reputation of a trusted supplier.

Transport monitoring

With the help of GPS vehicle tracking and RFID-sensors, you can monitor all goods in the supply chain. The received data will give you the picture of the location of a vehicle and state of goods being delivered so that you can provide better services to your clients through achieving a higher level of quality control and ensuring delivering in time.

Fleet management

Internet of things can provide an opportunity to keep an eye on the vehicles and their drivers. Speed, transport characteristics, direction, location, driver’s behavior – all these things can be known to you and under your control if you order the corresponding IoT solution.

Route planning

Internet of Things can provide you with the necessary information about the state of roads, weather conditions, disasters, and other important factors which will help you to find the shortest and the most suitable route to deliver goods to a client.

Stock control

IoT sensors can be used to monitor stocks and provide data for help in analyzing trends and make predictions about future demands. This will help to avoid situations with insufficient or excess stock.

The benefits of the implementation of IoT into supply process are obvious now, aren’t they? If you really want to be the leader in supplies and modernize the process, contact us, and we will provide you with the best possible solution right for your needs.

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