How to avoid job burnout if you are an IT engineer

Nov 08, 2017

Job burnout is a consequence of hard and long work. It’s a stress of work with physical and mental exhaustion, the feeling of loss in self-confidence and self-esteem. This syndrome is widely discussed by psychologists and by employers who take care of their personnel. We’ll try to analyze if IT programmers are in the group of risk and how to cope with job burnout.

The reasons of burnout in IT sphere

Being mostly introverts, programmers treat their job as the main life hobby. Thus, it would be a big mistake to make talented engineers communicate with a great number of people regarding work issues. This is the reason why progressive employers arrange small teams for work at different international projects.

The second reason is the fear to lose the job. Although it’s not a secret that employers are ready to hire even students and junior developers with IT related background, not all the companies can offer their engineers big and challenging international projects.

The third reason is in the specific nature of programming as a profession. Both senior and junior developers have to learn and study during the whole life to be on top of IT market changes. Growth of technologies, extra work, and passive lifestyle can add more stress.

How to notice the first signs and prevent the burnout?

1) Try to indicate the working limit and follow your schedule. If you are the last one to leave the office at midnight, negotiate it with your contractors and discuss the possibility to come later the next day. Taking into account that there are a lot of oversea-located projects, this solution might be a good for everyone.

2) Separate work and natural needs, i.e. don’t have your lunch in front of the computer, eat out or go to the kitchen in the office.

3) Private life and corporate events are not the same stuff. A good movie, a concert-show or a date can positively influence your success at work.

4) Active lifestyle is a must-have. Get a gym or a swimming-pool membership card, go jogging or cycling, try to find some time and go to the countryside.

5) Try to succeed in everything you do and if you fail, don’t worry and try again. It doesn’t matter how many times you try, what matters is how you finish.

We indicated the reasons of professional burnout that IT experts might face and the ways to reduce or eliminate it.

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