Lock, Stock and a Lucky Salesman

Nov 18, 2019

Working in IT gives you the opportunity to visit different parts of the world. But how often do you get the chance for a business-trip to lead to the world capital of nightlife and unstoppable fun? We’re finding out from our VP Sales and co-founder, Alexander Orlov.

Andersen: Hi, tell us how did you luck out to get to Vegas for work?

Orlov: Well, actually, it was not only Vegas. Six months ago, thanks to our colleague, sales manager Sasha Rogulin, we found one consultant who brought us together with a multimedia company, and they said: “Hey, come and visit Las Vegas, we have a conference right there so let’s get acquainted.” It was a chance not to be missed, so we just did it. Besides Nevada, I also had meetings in four other states.


A: So, you came to Vegas. What was your first impression?

O: It’s a night city. As people say, they come there “to party 21+”.


A: Generally, few people associate this city with work.

O: They’ve done it on purpose! They found the desert, placed there all the things that young people need, and hold all kinds of exhibitions and conferences, where people can present themselves. And what to do in the evening? The evening is the time to hang out.


A: What about prices?

O: By our standards, they’re pretty high. But, in general, they are the same as anywhere in California or Seattle. So it’s not like when you come to the Crimea and a beer on the beach is five times more expensive than in Kyiv.


A: So you want to say that a holiday in Vegas is more beneficial than in the Crimea? 

O: It’s surely more beneficial for Americans☺. But yes, there is no big price difference with the rest of the country. Beer costs the same in bars. There is more entertainment, for example, you can gamble in a casino. However, I didn’t gamble there.


A: Weren’t you tempted? 

O: Nooo. I’m rather a betting man, but I wouldn’t do this myself… I look at this ─ and it’s kinda strange. Just not my thing.


A: How much time did you have for bars, casinos, and other attractions?

O: When I have serious business-trips, I usually come there three days before the meeting so that I have some time to adapt. Hence I had three days.


A: Okay, so you arrived in Las Vegas. And, from the start, how does a hotel in Vegas differ from a hotel, let us say, in Minsk?

O: I stayed at “Circus Circus” located in the center, but it’s relatively budget-friendly. How does it differ from ours? There are too many people at the reception; you can stand in line for an hour. There are bars and casinos in the hotel. In fact, you don’t need to go out at all. I think, they did it on purpose because it’s rather hot during the day in Nevada and nobody wants to go anywhere, and it’s necessary to make bucks. That’s why they stuffed the hotel with all sorts of entertainment. So people stay there, relax, drink, and swim in the pool.

Posted by Alex Orlov on Friday, April 5, 2019

A: What kind of people were there?

O: Americans prevailed, but it seemed like the whole world was gathered there. All kinds of people, from cleaning workers, who saved money and went on vacation with their spouses, to business multibillionaires, who came to relax and gamble a little. Everybody look roughly the same: T-shirts, flip-flops, and shorts. They stay in the same hotels, walk, and drink side by side. The difference, perhaps, is only in drinks and bet amounts.


A: What can such different people talk about over a drink?

O: For example, I met two architects at the bar who built the casino where they were drinking. They knew the bartender, chatted with him, and then involved me in the conversation. Then a girl joined us – she had been fired and was going to get a job as a stripper. The guys advised her to work at that place as a waitress at the evening show. The girl got excited and went to get the job. That is, movie scenarios occur in front of you.


A: Do real adventures happen?

O: Many of those. After 8 pm, a real bacchanalia begins in the streets. People have fun in their own way. Somebody went out for a jog, the ambulance arrived for someone because of an overdose, another one swam in a fountain. This is the local reality, but everything looks beautiful.


A: Are the police there very loyal? If someone is drunk or drug-crazed, will they be prevented from having fun?

O: People walk in front of the police with a bottle of whiskey or pot and don’t even hide it. And everything is okay. This is a city where you can relax the way you want.


A: What about sex-workers?

O: They stand along the street and handed out calling cards. When I and my wife were taking a walk, we collected them. We were walking together and they didn’t give me a calling card because I was not alone. And I was like: “No, give it to me, at least I’ll look at them.” These advertisements are in the format of a playing card: a photo of a woman next to the price.


A: What are the prices?

O: $70 ─$100. For what exactly ─ I didn’t get into that.


A: Did you see someone wiping out in the casino?

O: Maybe, before it comes to this, I have usually gone to sleep. It didn’t happen that someone went out and shot themselves dead or shouted “I lost everything” or “I won a million”. Everyone was sitting quietly at their blackjack, smoking, drinking alcohol. Maybe there are some “big games” with serious bets where anything happens. But, maybe, it is not for everyone to see.


A: Is it true that it is very easy to get married there?

O: Yes, it’s easy as a pie. I went out for a jog at 4 am because of jet lag. And there were people standing in the line to the chapel. They saw me and screamed to a madame: “Here is your running prize, grab him”. I even ran a circle and stopped out of curiosity. We chatted on this subject. The guys there had had fun since last night and they were in such a state that they would marry anyone. But I decided: I had sneakers on ─ I needed to run.


A: Are there a lot of Russian-speakers?

O: Russian can be heard. Not so often, of course, as the surprising amount I heard in California, for example. But you hear it walking down the street. Well, certainly our mentality is strange. There was a couple speaking Russian; I walked toward them, also speaking on the phone in Russian, and when they heard, they changed language into English. Like not to give themselves away. What for? Is it bad that you migrated here or arrived recently? Generally, “small talk” helps a lot in the USA to get along with someone or just find a delicious sausage in the store. But our people often start fronting – I don’t like this.


A: What would you advise to those who come to Las Vegas?

O: It depends on people’s preferences. I like all sorts of exciting things. For example, there are many clubs where you can shoot with any weapon. There is the “High Roller”, the highest Ferris wheel in the world, recently they made a cable car there; I rode three times a day. Well, the main thing is to use your common sense.


A: Thank you, Alexander. Good luck!

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