Mercedes Me Cafe: a new chapter in digital storytelling

Apr 11, 2017

When Mercedes-Benz was faced with the challenge of maintaining their presence in Moscow after legislation came into effect excluding car showrooms in the Russian capital, they knew a fresh approach to marketing was required. The innovative Mercedes Me Café was their response, and we are proud that Andersen developers could help bring the concept to life.

Coffee and exploration

Freshly roasted arabica beans and an espresso shot pulled by an expert barista is only the first step on the adventure in the Mercedes Me Café. While sipping their coffee, patrons are able to explore Mercedes’ range of cars on internet-connected HD touchscreens thanks to a Windows-based platform developed by Andersen software engineers. And when they are ready for another drink or a slice of cake, the Mercedes-branded shell means they can order directly from their touchscreens with a single click.

Taste test

It can be difficult to decide on the car of your dreams without being able to see it in front of you. To help, we developed an innovative image processing system that recognizes each customer’s age, sex, hair colour, and other attributes, and uses that data to produce a personalized car configuration to match their looks. Each customer then sees a dynamically generated video of themselves driving their personalized car, encouraging them to envision themselves as Mercedes-owners and book a test drive.

Freedom to play

The Mercedes Me Café may focus on cars and coffee, but customers are also invited to relax and use the touchscreens to surf the web, connect with others on social media, or play one of five Mercedes-branded games that have been specially adapted for touchscreens by our developers.

Success and sales

In the first six months, the Mercedes Me Café entertained 70,000 visitors, generated 12 thousand test-drives, and resulted in three thousand car sales. The concept was so successful that it was quickly exported to other cities around the world from Hamburg to Beijing.

We are privileged to have helped Mercedes-Benz bring their concept to life, and would love to help you to. Please contact us and one ofour experts will get back to you as soon as possible.

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