Several effective techniques to make your employees’ motivation boost

May 17, 2017

Though the beginning of this article may sound strange, it is absolutely impossible to motivate anyone to anything. The motivation of a person is always intrinsic and depends on individual goals and values. And we can either accept and support them or demotivate them. How do we avoid the employees’ demotivation? This article will reveal some tricks that really work in Andersen.

Tip # 1 – Set the goals and let them know

It is much easier to move forward when you are aware of the vector of movement when you know where to go, why there and what will happen next.
If an employee does not know the global goal, he is not able to prioritize the tasks adequately – his efforts are out of focus and only imitate hard work. Even a very effective worker starts losing interest without knowing the goals and being unaware of its significance. If it is clear where the company is moving and the employee likes the direction and realizes his own contribution to the company development, it gives him the necessary energy and enables him to focus on the result.

Define the mission and key objectives of the company

The mission should be global, significant, and should inspire employees, and therefore it has to coincide with their personal goals and values (think twice when recruiting your team!).

Explain the impact of individual achievements on a common goal

Find some time for determining long-term goals for the worker, i.e. his/her personal influence on the product or service development, his/her role in the company, his/her personal area of responsibility in achieving common mission and goals.
Short-term goals should also be taken into consideration.  Too global aims do not allow you to enjoy the result here and now, so it’s important to outline the immediate prospects.
You should make a note of the workers’ achievements. The all-too-common assessment system serves not only to for rewarding employees but also for demonstrating how effective they are at work and for giving feedback in the form of recognition or some useful recommendations.
The best motivation for an experienced employee is the awareness that he/she has managed to achieve the desired result and made their contribution to the team work.

Tip # 2 –  Support

Ambitious goals are usually associated with upper-level challenges and require learning and development.
Remember that it takes time to advance and cope with new tasks. Your employees will have to go through fear and resistance. Make sure to support your personnel, provide all necessary tools, give advice and share your knowledge, and…  be patient!

Adults learn by doing, which means they will ask questions, seek help and sometimes make mistakes. Your irritability can only demotivate your workers and discourage their desire to handle new tasks.

Tip # 3 – Trust

Fast advance of your business is incompatible with low confidence in the staff. Lack of trust results in bureaucracy and micro-management. This is the biggest expense for any business and an obstacle for its development.

Trust means confidence. When you trust your workers, you feel confident in their decency, professional qualities and skills. It inspires and gives the energy to achieve better results. Distrust demotivates people to a great extent.

If you are not ready to trust your staff, it means you have hired the wrong people into your team. Do your best and change the approach to the personnel selection. Otherwise look inside yourself. People tend to mistrust others if they doubt their own professional skills, talents and abilities. In psychology, such phenomenon is called extrajection.

Tip # 4 – Provide feedback and recognize merits.

Give prompt feedback based on the results. If employees do not receive regular feedback on their work, they lose enthusiasm and do not feel significant.

Besides, feedback serves for the following:

– reducing the errors probability when dealing with new tasks;

– raising the leader’s authority for the subordinates, as it demonstrates the interest of the manager in the employees’ development and increasing the effectiveness of their work;

– encouraging the employees to go further.

When there is a well-deserved result don’t hesitate to praise. All merits should be evaluated in public. All drawbacks have to be commented on only behind closed doors and according to the principles of effective feedback.

Tip #5 – Develop.

Wait for the best. Always. When setting ambitious goals, always remember to move the quality bar upwards.

Of course, fear is inevitable, your team is sure to get scared as well, but growth is achieved only when we leave the comfort zone. This is the fertile soil for motivation. The employees who share the company’s goals and values will always remain with you and will strive for the best, others will step aside, but you will benefit from it.

Make knowledge sharing and loyal attitude to errors a part of the company culture. Start with yourself – share what you know, welcome questions, be patient, do not dramatize mistakes. Forget about fines and penalties, they may lead to the fear of doing something new, thus becoming an obstacle to innovation and development.

Tip # 7 – Create the atmosphere.

The notorious corporate culture does matter when it comes to motivation or demotivation.

Corporate culture helps to save the company’s budget for hiring and salaries. Just due to the fact that a happy employee who is satisfied with the atmosphere in the team appreciates it higher than the wages increase.

When the company has an atmosphere of trust, respect and openness, when the importance of team spirit and the value of each worker are promoted, the personnel motivation and productivity will stand up.

And here staff recruiting turns to be crucial because you must find not just a professional, but the person whose personal qualities and values correspond to the company’s culture.

Tip # 8 – Don’t let it get in your way!

Reducing the number of distractions and annoying factors will increase the productivity and motivation of your employees.

Someone is disturbed by drafts, the other is messing with a laptop – do not neglect it! You’d better not be indifferent but find a solution. Sometimes it requires additional resources including material ones, but the price of trust and comfortable production in the team is above any figures.

Andersen team believes that motivation is as vital as the personnel professional competencies. And it works at all levels: from a job interview to the real project results and career growth.

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