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Oct 14, 2019

Thousands of fraud cases resulting in the imprisonments of yesterday’s top managers, dozens of suicides, $5 trillion in losses for the global economy - these are the most terrifying after-effects of the dot-com crisis. From 2000 to 2004, up to 50% of hi-tech companies went bankrupt. Twenty years ago, the world market was obviously overheating, so a financial crisis in the IT sphere was only a matter of time. Even now, some economic features indicate that stocks of such startups as Uber, Spotify, Lyft, and other IT unicorns are highly overrated. In this article, we are going to analyze the state of the hi-tech companies global market in 2000 to figure out why the dot-com crisis was unavoidable. Then, we will consider the current macroeconomic indicators of the IT sector and predict how far we are from the next crisis. ... Read more

New Rules of the New Economy

Sep 23, 2019

Let’s take roughly several innovative tech companies, like Lyft, Uber, Slack… Do you know what they have in common? All of them are loss-making! But how come? How is it possible that they remain to be well-known and successful? Why do investors give their money to those who have been unprofitable for years and can make old-school market strategists, accustomed to EBITDA and price/equity indicators, cry? Is this another financial bubble or a change of rules? Since many of Andersen's projects fall within the domain of financial technology, we were curious to find out how it works:... Read more


Technology Bordering on Fantasy

Jul 23, 2019

As Arthur Clarke said, any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. Pretty soon, everyone will have a chance to feel like a wizard. We will answer the phone with a wave of a hand; remember the whole library to the letters and learn a trade in one night. You still don’t get what it’s about, do you? Then you should definitely get to know about the brain-computer interface (BCI).... Read more


How Internet of Things can Help in Goods Supplies

May 31, 2019

Internet of Things is an amazing technology: wherever applied, it yields benefits, regardless of whether you need coziness in a house or help in business, for example, in the supply chain. The use of IoT at home in the form of smart houses and smart household devices is known to everyone, and we published the article about it too. But when it comes to the use of IoT in the supply chain, many questions arise.... Read more


The Main Functionality for a Successful Pill Reminder Application

May 24, 2019

If you decided to develop a healthcare solution, this is a good idea, as mHealth is a promising field which will bring benefit to you and your users. And if you decided to develop a pill tracker app, this idea is twice better! According to the latest research, about half of the prescriptions worldwide are misused. People simply forget to take pills and hence a pill reminder in the form of a mobile application is a rescue. However, if you type ‘pill tracker’ in the Play Market search line, you will be suggested dozens of such apps, half of which is of no use. In order to make your app to shine among others, you should include the following 5 features to it.... Read more


Why Do Your Web Pages Open So Slowly?

May 13, 2019

Have you ever tried to fill in a web page form on your phone, for example, to buy air tickets for a family? I bet this was painful. This feature works only on top websites. When I buy cinema tickets on weekends, my first instinctive move is to try to do it on my phone, but I always end up doing this on my laptop. I guess it says something about my tolerance to torture. By the way, if I do a similar operation with a mobile app from the store, everything works like a charm. A coincidence? I don't think so. Therefore, a relatively small screen of a phone is not the real source of the problem.... Read more


Things Your CTO Knows

May 11, 2019

Before starting work on any project, whether it be a small “domestic” application or a high-profile Enterprise solution, the people who initiate the development start have the question: “In what language will we write?”. It may seem rather easy to answer, but not everyone knows that the first question should be "What will we write?".... Read more


How We Make Sure Your App is of High Quality

May 03, 2019

Thorough planning of the product functionality and writing a lot of code is not enough: every single feature of a product should work properly. That’s why testing is a very important stage in project development. When you spend a huge amount of money to create a solution for your business needs, the last thing you want is to receive a software full of bugs, right? Well, our QA specialists take care to ensure this won’t happen. And in order to make you absolutely confident, we will briefly explain to you the main principles and disclose a couple of secrets of successful testing.... Read more


Calculating the Benefits of Investment in IT Project

Apr 18, 2019

Those who have been involved in investments for a long time are already aware of ROI and its importance. However, if you see this abbreviation for the first time in your life, a brief explanation of this notion is needed. So ROI (Return of Investment) is a coefficient that shows the profits or losses of any investment. This coefficient helps to estimate the success of a particular investment and therefore to define the further strategy. There is a formula for calculating ROI, which seems to be quite easy, but in reality, people usually face difficulties that lead to incorrect numbers. So let’s figure out the algorithm of ROI calculation together.... Read more


Help in Planning Budget for Your Application

Apr 11, 2019

The benefits that a custom application can bring to business have been discussed thousands of times, so we don’t need to repeat it here. What many people are concerned about in terms of outsourcing app development is cost, or, to be more precise, the assumed enormous amount of money needed for that. But this is not what should stop you: in reality, a custom application usually doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. To put your mind at ease and be able to plan your budget, it is recommended to be aware of software development prices and factors that affect them.... Read more

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