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Research of IT Sector in each Country of the Region

Mar 01, 2019

If you are looking for a vendor to develop great and high-quality software, it is recommended to turn attention to Eastern Europe, as among all regions, it is one of the most perspective one for outsourcing. Here are some reasons why:... Read more


Why have a website

Feb 21, 2019

In order to ensure the website not to become a meaningless ballast, it is worth answering just one question: so why do we need a website? Moreover, the answer to this question is good to obtain even before the start of development, as it affects both the cost of the project and the functionality implemented.... Read more


5 main points to create incredible eLearning software

Feb 15, 2019

Knowledge, various skills, and keen mind are cultivated in modern society, and almost everyone wants to come across as an intelligent person. Nowadays it’s not only trendy to be smart, but also indispensable, as our constantly changing world requires learning new skills quickly. However, who of us is free enough to attend time-consuming classes or stay in the library for many hours? Few people have time for that, but at the same time, most of them have digital devices of all kinds. These two trends - smart and devices - fuel the popularity of eLearning.... Read more


Machine Learning: what it is and why it matters

Feb 08, 2019

One of the objectives for Artificial Intelligence is to find solutions for various tasks without direct instructions or human intervention. This objective is achieved with the help of the method known as machine learning. In lay terms, machine learning can be explained as a branch of AI that trains computers how to learn and make decisions on their own.... Read more

Importance and ways to achieve it

Jan 25, 2019

IT sphere is not a purely male’s sphere anymore. In the context of a battle of high-qualified software developers, when every single company needs and is looking for a skilled specialist, who can do the job at a high level, it would be stupid to ignore women candidates, whose professionality is none the worse. In fact, the more a company is primed for success, the less its leaders are into stereotypes, focusing more on qualification and experience. Moreover, it is proved that gender diverse teams are 15 % more productive than teams which consist of men only.... Read more

What can Tinder teach us about creating dating app

Jan 17, 2019

A paintress once noticed that the best ever idea for the entertainment industry is love. Indeed, love is not only driving force of life and a source of inspiration for art but also a great opportunity for enterprisers to make big bucks. Reports say that an online dating industry earns millions of dollars yearly. Now the idea of developing your own dating app seems to be tempting, doesn’t it?... Read more

How to use lean Kanban methodology in software development

Jan 10, 2019

Although many development teams prefer building their working process in accordance with Scrum, it is not a universally applicable approach that suits every single team in every single situation. Along with Scrum, there is another approach that is proved to be very effective - Kanban, a lean manufacturing methodology. We prepared the material that explains the essence, principles, and workflow of Kanban, as well as tips for its most effective usage.... Read more

The key difference between DevOps and classic system administration

Jan 03, 2019

In a few words, DevOps is a methodology that requires collaboration of developers and IT service specialists, which leads to improvement of a software development process. DevOps has its own philosophy, purposes, models and principles. It is associated with such methods and tools as Agile development practices, configuration management, continuous deployment, continuous integration, data center automation, virtualized infrastructure etc.... Read more

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