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All You Wanted to Learn about DevOps

Dec 27, 2018

Every single person in the IT (and beyond IT) world knows that DevOps is a new-fashioned and super popular thing but only a few are aware of its true nature. As a matter of fact, DevOps has its own philosophy, purposes and methods, and all of them are so effective that are really worth implementing. So what is DevOps? Let’s get the facts straight.... Read more

How to Choose the Right OS for Mobile App

Dec 12, 2018

So you are going to develop a mobile application. But do you remember to choose a mobile OS for it? Developing the same applications for different operating systems will take more time and cost more money. Anyway, even if your budget allows you to do so, this might not be justified in the end: no matter how perfect your application is, you will continue to improve it on the base of your first users’ feedback, and all these improvements will cost you as twice as more in case you have to implement them for several versions of the app. Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of both systems will help you choose the most suitable one for your new app.... Read more

Mobile Healthcare as Medical Revolution

Dec 06, 2018

Could you imagine a long way medicine has traveled? From shamans to highly-qualified doctors, from herbal potions to chemical pharmacons, from medical instruments made of stone to powerful medical equipment. Indeed, few would disagree that modern medicine has impressively developed. Nowadays, along with equipment and technologies aimed directly at diagnosis and treatment, we also observe the automation of medical services:... Read more

Smarter Life - Better Life

Dec 03, 2018

A human being is a creature of fantastic intelligence and even more fantastic laziness. It seems to be much easier to develop a system performing certain actions, rather than doing it yourself. Virtually, these traits comprise the engine for progress, which led to the creation of smart technologies and the Internet of Things (or IoT) in particular. With the introduction of IoT, our life became by all odds easier.... Read more

Trends of 2018 to Make Your App Awesome

Nov 21, 2018

Smartphones appeared merely a decade ago but reached an incredible development level. Mobile applications continuously change, develop, and improve following user needs; so to keep in step with the times it is crucial to be aware of all innovations, trends, and tendencies in the sphere. Andersen’s team made a research on the mobile app trends and presents full information about the mobile applications in today’s world.... Read more

AI to Patrol the EU Borderline

Nov 14, 2018

Let's talk about a polygraph also known as ‘a lie detector’. To be more precise - about a European project iBorderCtrl. Or if even more precise - about why the AI-polygraph functions in the new system of border control have an extremely low value. And some last but not least - a spectacular example of how fake news spreads across the Internet.... Read more

Schrödinger's Cat vs. Moore's Limit

Nov 05, 2018

Today the neural networks are all the rage. They are capable of writing poems, driving a car or helping you to choose the best vacation photos. What is more, they even learn themselves! Jolly good and rightly so. But in the meantime there’s a technology under development, that will change usual calculation principles. Let’s sort out what a quantum computer is, what this all is about, and what a cat has to do with it.... Read more

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