Smart and Smashing Advertising

Oct 27, 2017

Technologies of new generation appear in everyday life and irretrievably change it. The world will never be the same again after adverts have started talking to customers. Billboards analyze the way we look like and behave, and provide goods that we might be willing to obtain.

New technologies in Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and neural networks now make it all possible.

Experience with neural networks

Today we’d like speak about our working experience with Advertima Company. Andersen’s developers worked together with Advertima’s team of engineers creating solutions for a smashing project.

Advertima is a Swiss company that creates software able to learn and to reach out a target audience. They teach computers to think like humans -to remember data and to analyze it.

The story of our cooperation is magical from the very beginning. At Andersen, we can share happiness when companies and startups win awards and develop successful projects – and that’s how we met Advertima. We congratulated the company’s Co-Founder & CEO Iman Nahvi with the award they got in Swiss Startup Challenge in August, 2017.

Swiss Startup Challenge 2017 is the 5th annual event that takes place in Switzerland and unites startup projects in the field of FinTech, smart cities, artificial intelligence, e-commerce, and high-tech industries.

How we started our cooperation

We found out by chance that the company was looking for a front-end developer for their development team. Was it a coincidence or a destiny? At Andersen, we provide engineers who can extend a project team and speed up the development process.

The complicated legal regulations regarding hiring international specialists caused some hesitations. Nobody was sure it would be easy and quickly to start. However, cooperation with international outsourcing companies under a signed agreement has no legal restrictions in practice and everything turned out to be easier than we thought.

Charisma, personal charm, and professional skills of our developers couldn’t leave Advertima’s team indifferent and on September 16, our engineers joined the project team in Switzerland.

It was the time when the magic began – the project was more than exciting. Andersen’s engineers joined Advertima’s development team. All together they were challenged to create a solution for billboards that would perform personalized messaging in real time, analyze data and interact directly with customers providing certain goods according to the obtained data.


Cameras focus on customers, neural networks process the image, analyze the way people look like, what they keep in hands and offer goods they might be interested in. Exciting?

What’s next?

Advertima and the project team still have a lot of surprises coming soon. They promised that new features would be implemented. At the moment, we are waiting for new magic until the project is finished. Here’s just a slight hint of what to expect.

Imagine you are walking along the street and billboards recognize you – fabulous, isn’t it? Street targeting billboards is a new generation of smart and friendly advertising that will  increase customer’s loyalty and popularity.

Stay connected to get more news about Advertima’s project and Andersen’s team.

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