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The Key For a Good Start in Programming

May 05, 2021

Almost two years ago, we wrote an article for those who want to begin programming - How to Decide on Programming Language for a Project. It has been a while since we discussed the topic. We’d like to talk about this once again and share our experience.... Read more

Challenges for the IT Industry: a Robot Judge as an Artificial Moral Agent, Pt2

May 04, 2021

Considering the risks of introducing AI systems in justice or counting on the benefits they give, we sooner or later come up with the question of how a digital judge should act. We obviously can’t treat it simply as a large calculator that successfully summarizes the articles of existing legal codes for particular court cases. By imposing the requirement of fairness on the court, we thereby expect that the basic concepts of good and evil, justice and injustice will also fall within the competence of the electronic judge.... Read more

Pattern Matching and other useful features, as well as feedback from an expert

May 22, 2020

In the spring of 2020, Oracle released Java14 - a new version of Java. Oracle has recently started releasing new versions more often lately: now, updates come out at around six-monthly intervals. Does this mean that each new version won’t have many important changes? Does it make sense to upgrade your earlier-version platform to Java14? We will try to highlight the key features added in Java14 and determine their real value. Artyom Pugachev, a Java Developer from Andersen, will help us with this.... Read more

Whole Restaurant on One Screen and Blockchain as a Bonus

Jan 29, 2020

Many entrepreneurs understand how important it is to implement IT solutions for business on time, but few know what kind of software their businesses need. Due to this, the moment of making an important decision constantly gets delayed, and the business, meanwhile, is losing some of the profit. It’s not that difficult to understand the entrepreneurs’ doubts. Nowadays, there is a great variety of apps for business, and their number is growing with each day. However, not all of them would really suit and help a particular company, not to mention that a list of best applications varies depending on a sphere. In this article, we are going to find out what applications are the most helpful for the restaurant business.... Read more

5 most popular categories of applications for sales and customer communications

Jan 14, 2020

We continue the series of articles about popular types of business applications. In the first part, we discussed popular programs and services that are needed to organize and optimize internal business processes. In this article, we’ll talk about categories of applications targeted at customer communications. One of the main motivators that encourage companies to launch mobile applications is the principle “Mobile First”. Until a few years ago, the share of mobile traffic on many popular resources exceeded 50%. Since then, companies, from the most active and ambitious to the average ones, have gradually embraced the mobile segment. The first step usually was to adapt a website for mobile devices, and initially, it might have seemed to be enough. Eventually, however, it became clear that applications were much more convenient and faster than mobile versions of websites. The trend began to develop, and step by step, leading categories, the majority of mobile apps can be divided into, were formed.... Read more

5 most popular categories of applications for organizing internal processes in a business

Dec 23, 2019

Mobile applications have been introduced into the business for several years. There are many types and categories of software that companies from various fields use. However, there are several categories of applications that are most popular. In this article, we are going to consider the 5 most popular types of software for organizing internal business processes.... Read more

Why application is essential for business?

Nov 29, 2019

In the modern era, applications are growing in popularity. This is true for both mobile and web apps. Moreover, applications are preferred not only by ordinary users but also by entire companies. In this article, we are going to consider the advantages of working via your own platform using the example of a company that provides services in the field of financial consulting and asset management.... Read more

What can Tinder teach us about creating dating app

Jan 17, 2019

A paintress once noticed that the best ever idea for the entertainment industry is love. Indeed, love is not only driving force of life and a source of inspiration for art but also a great opportunity for enterprisers to make big bucks. Reports say that an online dating industry earns millions of dollars yearly. Now the idea of developing your own dating app seems to be tempting, doesn’t it?... Read more

How to use lean Kanban methodology in software development

Jan 10, 2019

Although many development teams prefer building their working process in accordance with Scrum, it is not a universally applicable approach that suits every single team in every single situation. Along with Scrum, there is another approach that is proved to be very effective - Kanban, a lean manufacturing methodology. We prepared the material that explains the essence, principles, and workflow of Kanban, as well as tips for its most effective usage.... Read more

The key difference between DevOps and classic system administration

Jan 03, 2019

In a few words, DevOps is a methodology that requires collaboration of developers and IT service specialists, which leads to improvement of a software development process. DevOps has its own philosophy, purposes, models and principles. It is associated with such methods and tools as Agile development practices, configuration management, continuous deployment, continuous integration, data center automation, virtualized infrastructure etc.... Read more