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Five Beneficial Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Compliance

Feb 10, 2021

With the expansion of international trade, various regulations in banking come on the scene. Financial institutions have to comply not only with their internal rules but also with the laws of different countries and whole trading blocs such as the EU, NAFTA, or ASEAN. Digitalization in financial services could provide companies with a broad understanding of the compliance issues that arise within the financial services sector.... Read more

Can Self-Driving Cars Drive Better Than We Do?

Feb 21, 2020

The global urban transport system, where each car is driven by AI, is not only possible but can be implemented in the next 10 years. Our company’s Analysts have developed the concept of such a system, and now we can tell you how it will look and what is needed to implement the project.... Read more

Fresh Look at AI Logic

Oct 23, 2019

A situation where Artificial Intelligence really has to decide who will live and who will die is not a topic for theoretical discussions or a plot for science fiction anymore, but the near future. The probability is very low, but with Big Data the event is inevitable.... Read more

Smarter Life - Better Life

Dec 03, 2018

A human being is a creature of fantastic intelligence and even more fantastic laziness. It seems to be much easier to develop a system performing certain actions, rather than doing it yourself. Virtually, these traits comprise the engine for progress, which led to the creation of smart technologies and the Internet of Things (or IoT) in particular. With the introduction of IoT, our life became by all odds easier.... Read more

AI to Patrol the EU Borderline

Nov 14, 2018

Let's talk about a polygraph also known as ‘a lie detector’. To be more precise - about a European project iBorderCtrl. Or if even more precise - about why the AI-polygraph functions in the new system of border control have an extremely low value. And some last but not least - a spectacular example of how fake news spreads across the Internet.... Read more

Don't Trust your Eyes

Nov 09, 2018

People easily fall victims of deepfake. For already long fakes have been not limited to appearing in social networks, made-up news, and rumours. Now you can’t be sure literally about anything you see on the screen.... Read more

Schrödinger's Cat vs. Moore's Limit

Nov 05, 2018

Today the neural networks are all the rage. They are capable of writing poems, driving a car or helping you to choose the best vacation photos. What is more, they even learn themselves! Jolly good and rightly so. But in the meantime there’s a technology under development, that will change usual calculation principles. Let’s sort out what a quantum computer is, what this all is about, and what a cat has to do with it.... Read more

High tech – low life?

Oct 19, 2018

Вот он и наступил. Всамделишный киберпанк, о котором писали Гибсон и Стирлинг, который мы видели в “Джонни Мнемонике” и “Матрице”. Сомневаетесь? Давайте поищем характерные черты жанра в нашей жизни. Власть корпораций. Разумеется, тайного мирового правительства из, скажем, Apple, Google и Tesla нет (по крайней мере, они попросили нас так написать). Но нельзя спорить, что эпатажная речь Маска или новая модель айфона зачастую вызывают в мире больший резонанс, чем принятие какого-нибудь закона или встреча дипломатов.... Read more