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Implementation of New Technologies to Ensure a Cybersecurity in Investment and Banking

Nov 06, 2020

Even the largest companies need investment, even more than it might seem on the surface. And investors consider not only the profitability, market coverage, and growth potential of the company but also its security. That is why ensuring cybersecurity is one of the most important stages in preparing a company before the next round of attracting investments. For banks and investment companies that operate in this mode all the time, this problem is way more acute.... Read more

How to Secure Work in the Paused World?

May 14, 2020

Two months ago, the world was braced for developed countries to cope with the threat of coronavirus. Although quarantine measures have had an effect, and the peak of the pandemic has passed, we must keep thinking about security. In an attempt to safeguard the employees’ health by transferring them to remote work, the business faces a new threat - the risk of cybersecurity breaches.... Read more

Tips from a PM: communication with a team, work planning and organization

Apr 21, 2020

The global quarantine has made most companies either stop the work processes and put employees on leave or urgently organize remote work. Those who could have chosen the second option. However, not everyone took changes in the work format seriously enough.... Read more