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How to Choose the Best IT Support Company?

Feb 11, 2021

Choosing an IT company for business cooperation requires thorough preparation. It is necessary to determine what functions will be outsourced and set the goals for engaging a third-party organization. A clear understanding of what the end result should be will help to formulate the basic requirements, correctly calculate the budget and time, and understand whether an outsourcing company will be able to cope with the task.... Read more

What IT Support Is and Why It Is Important for Your Business

Feb 01, 2021

Computer systems are meant to make business operations smarter, faster, and more efficient, aren’t they? Technology is everywhere, from a company’s daily processes like task allocation to drawing up annual reports and strategic planning. And even short-term software failure can spoil the relationships between a firm and its clients, leading to reputational and financial losses. For this reason, businesses need proper monitoring and maintenance of their digital systems.... Read more

Importance of IT Support in the Era of Digital Transformation

Dec 24, 2020

IT support has always been perceived as a service function of the organization that does not bring profit. However, with the development of technology, the support has included more and more new functions, and its importance has grown. The COVID-19 pandemic also contributed to the development of IT support. In this article, we will figure out why IT support is important for business, why its quality directly affects the company's profits, and what the prospects for this area are.... Read more