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Virtual «Code number 007»

Sep 23, 2020

Recently, chatbots have become increasingly popular in business. Does this mean that every organization must have a chatbot that will interact with customers? In this situation, the main dilemma for a manager is whether the machine can be trusted to conduct a dialogue with clients or not.... Read more

Lifehacks from our Project Managers

Aug 03, 2020

[:en]Just five years ago, remote work was considered to be the way of the future, but only the distant future. Most specialized web publications predicted a rise in the popularity of telecommuting, but only in ten years' time. However, this future arrived much earlier. Buffer’s research says that 98% of employees would like to have the possibility to work remotely, and 97% consider this to be objectively optimal. The global quarantine at the beginning of 2020 accelerated the process of transferring to the remote work, and many companies continue to work in this way even after the lockdown was canceled. This situation has become somewhat of a challenge for managers: although the team and the project remained the same, many processes had to be radically changed or even set up from scratch. In this article, we are going to analyze the main problems of managing remote personnel and consider options for solving them.... Read more

AWS Scheduled Lambda Function: Possible Options and Ultimate Solution

Jul 13, 2020

I believe the topic of the scheduled launch of lambda functions, when the system has no initiator, is very relevant for serverless solutions on AWS. In almost every project, I see only one approach that I really don’t like. So this has encouraged me to share a bit of my experience.... Read more

Pattern Matching and other useful features, as well as feedback from an expert

May 22, 2020

In the spring of 2020, Oracle released Java14 - a new version of Java. Oracle has recently started releasing new versions more often lately: now, updates come out at around six-monthly intervals. Does this mean that each new version won’t have many important changes? Does it make sense to upgrade your earlier-version platform to Java14? We will try to highlight the key features added in Java14 and determine their real value. Artyom Pugachev, a Java Developer from Andersen, will help us with this.... Read more

How to Secure Work in the Paused World?

May 14, 2020

Two months ago, the world was braced for developed countries to cope with the threat of coronavirus. Although quarantine measures have had an effect, and the peak of the pandemic has passed, we must keep thinking about security. In an attempt to safeguard the employees’ health by transferring them to remote work, the business faces a new threat - the risk of cybersecurity breaches.... Read more

Are centennials worth hiring at all?

Apr 24, 2020

This article is the last one in the series of publications about Generation Z. We have already considered the main stereotypes about centennials and discussed them with experts. We will analyze cases that were not included in the previous articles but will be useful to managers and HR specialists. Also, here you will find expert recommendations on how to catch the interest of centennials when hiring and how to optimally organize their work process.... Read more

Tips from a PM: communication with a team, work planning and organization

Apr 21, 2020

The global quarantine has made most companies either stop the work processes and put employees on leave or urgently organize remote work. Those who could have chosen the second option. However, not everyone took changes in the work format seriously enough.... Read more

Why application is essential for business?

Nov 29, 2019

In the modern era, applications are growing in popularity. This is true for both mobile and web apps. Moreover, applications are preferred not only by ordinary users but also by entire companies. In this article, we are going to consider the advantages of working via your own platform using the example of a company that provides services in the field of financial consulting and asset management.... Read more

What Andersen Has Done for Football Being Shown in British Pubs All the Time

Nov 14, 2019

Going to Newcastle in order to implement CRM for a company that is responsible for media content in pubs across the country? An ordinary task for our specialists! We are talking to our full-time Microsoft Dynamics 365 consultant, Kirill Mikhaltsov, about the specifics of business platforms, why Screach is no longer a startup but something more, the specifics of British management, the affinity of Tech Lead's souls around the world, and about pubs of course.... Read more

5 things you should never forget when contracting outsourcing vendor

Jan 08, 2019

Before setting up relations with an outsourcing vendor, you should pay attention to the wide range of issues that can affect the success of the work, like skills, price, etc. BA couple of things that are usually forgotten to be taken into account are shown below. Make sure you consider them before signing a contract.... Read more