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Lifehacks from our Project Managers

Aug 03, 2020

[:en]Just five years ago, remote work was considered to be the way of the future, but only the distant future. Most specialized web publications predicted a rise in the popularity of telecommuting, but only in ten years' time. However, this future arrived much earlier. Buffer’s research says that 98% of employees would like to have the possibility to work remotely, and 97% consider this to be objectively optimal. The global quarantine at the beginning of 2020 accelerated the process of transferring to the remote work, and many companies continue to work in this way even after the lockdown was canceled. This situation has become somewhat of a challenge for managers: although the team and the project remained the same, many processes had to be radically changed or even set up from scratch. In this article, we are going to analyze the main problems of managing remote personnel and consider options for solving them.... Read more

How to become a Scrum Master, what courses to attend, and where to pass the certification exam

Jul 31, 2020

According to Knowledgehut, no more than one-third of Scrum Masters also work as Project Managers or have held this position. A Scrum Master and a PM are not the same sort of thing. In order to become a Scrum Master, you need to change your mindset, learn particular methods and techniques, and successfully apply them in your work. Certification is part of the process of learning and becoming a Scrum Master. And this part, although not mandatory, is highly desirable. We will analyze in this article how to choose a certificate, how to prepare for the exam, and how much it will cost.... Read more

Tips from a PM: communication with a team, work planning and organization

Apr 21, 2020

The global quarantine has made most companies either stop the work processes and put employees on leave or urgently organize remote work. Those who could have chosen the second option. However, not everyone took changes in the work format seriously enough.... Read more

How to use lean Kanban methodology in software development

Jan 10, 2019

Although many development teams prefer building their working process in accordance with Scrum, it is not a universally applicable approach that suits every single team in every single situation. Along with Scrum, there is another approach that is proved to be very effective - Kanban, a lean manufacturing methodology. We prepared the material that explains the essence, principles, and workflow of Kanban, as well as tips for its most effective usage.... Read more