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10 Ways Artificial Intelligence is Changing the Banking Sector Today

Nov 18, 2020

Artificial Intelligence is a disruptive technology that is already used in various fields like trading, healthcare, finance, production, and others. AI significantly changes the way these areas operate in a fast-developing high-tech world. The banking sector is not an exception. In fact, digital transformation in banking is rapidly developing with the golden age of smartphones, wide data flow, and acceleration of the pace of life. So what are the aspects of the banking sphere that AI influences the most today?... Read more

How a business can help protect the environment

Jun 05, 2020

Global lockdown and suspension of production at the beginning of 2020 led to a temporary reduction in carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere. It is against this background that optimistic forecasts are saying 2020 could become a peak in terms of environmental pollution, and further, the pollution will only decline. However, due to the crisis, many environmental programs have also been stopped, and businesses in need of recovery obviously won’t mind using cheap oil. In late 2020 - early 2021, the world will need effective IT solutions and initiatives for environmental protection more than ever before. Business Analysts at Andersen have identified several relevant trends that will help reduce environmental damage even if there is no slowdown in CO2 emissions.... Read more

How to Secure Work in the Paused World?

May 14, 2020

Two months ago, the world was braced for developed countries to cope with the threat of coronavirus. Although quarantine measures have had an effect, and the peak of the pandemic has passed, we must keep thinking about security. In an attempt to safeguard the employees’ health by transferring them to remote work, the business faces a new threat - the risk of cybersecurity breaches.... Read more

The representatives of Generation Z have problems with focusing, they get bored quickly

May 14, 2020

In the third article, we continue analyzing the main stereotypes about Generation Z with the help of HR and recruiting experts, as well as learning the opinion of centennials. In this part, we are going to consider centennials’ attitude toward training and feedback, as well as found out whether they really have problems with concentration and are addicted to the Internet.... Read more

Salary level really matters

May 14, 2020

In the second article, we continue analyzing the main stereotypes about Generation Z with the help of HR and recruiting experts, as well as learning the opinion of centennials. In this part, we are going to consider centennials’ attitude toward salary and career growth. Also, we’ll try to figure out whether centennials are introverts and don’t like in-person communication, but at the same time are able to multitask and process a large amount of information.... Read more

Tips from a PM: communication with a team, work planning and organization

Apr 21, 2020

The global quarantine has made most companies either stop the work processes and put employees on leave or urgently organize remote work. Those who could have chosen the second option. However, not everyone took changes in the work format seriously enough.... Read more

Or How to Release People from Their Insecurities and Make Them Self-Confident

Dec 25, 2019

The 21st century is the era of bold decision and frantic pace of development. Gone are the days when people (and deers) ran away from their problems and then miraculously got rescue (or didn’t get any, it comes down to luck). The 2020s are coming - the time when even a red-nosed fawn can launch its own startup and make a revolution - if not a technological revolution, then a mental one. How exactly? Read it in a new Christmas story from Andersen.... Read more


Oct 14, 2019

Thousands of fraud cases resulting in the imprisonments of yesterday’s top managers, dozens of suicides, $5 trillion in losses for the global economy - these are the most terrifying after-effects of the dot-com crisis. From 2000 to 2004, up to 50% of hi-tech companies went bankrupt. Twenty years ago, the world market was obviously overheating, so a financial crisis in the IT sphere was only a matter of time. Even now, some economic features indicate that stocks of such startups as Uber, Spotify, Lyft, and other IT unicorns are highly overrated. In this article, we are going to analyze the state of the hi-tech companies global market in 2000 to figure out why the dot-com crisis was unavoidable. Then, we will consider the current macroeconomic indicators of the IT sector and predict how far we are from the next crisis. ... Read more

Machine Learning: what it is and why it matters

Feb 08, 2019

One of the objectives for Artificial Intelligence is to find solutions for various tasks without direct instructions or human intervention. This objective is achieved with the help of the method known as machine learning. In lay terms, machine learning can be explained as a branch of AI that trains computers how to learn and make decisions on their own.... Read more