Technological innovations that we’ve expected to be launched in 2017

Sep 12, 2017

The year 2017 has not finished yet, however, we decided to sum up what technological know-how’s were launched as declared at the beginning of the year and what was left for fiction movies.
Smart contact lenses, solar roof-batteries by Tesla, video spectacles, and other expected novelties and innovations.

#1 Video Snap Spectacles first appeared in Venice, California. The aim of the spectacles is to shoot short 10-second videos in first person. We checked with this device – the spectacles are available in three colors and you can get them for $129.99 online. Project status: successfully launched.

#2 Solar roof-battery by Tesla (the company belongs to famous technological revolutionist Elon Musk) comes next in our list. More than 5 million new roofs are annually placed in the USA. Thus, inserting new technologies into roofing materials allows delivering solar energy and reduces energy costs. We say – yes, the project was successfully launched. However, the battery lifecycle will not last forever. In 15-30 years (according to different resources), it will not produce energy and its payback period is longer than its working life.

#3 In our list are Robots delivering takeout orders by Starship Technologie. The project was successfully realized and currently knee-high robots can deliver you a pizza, a burger or other food for $5 plus tips and save you from starvation, for example, on a rainy day or at a cold night. The robots are originally Estonian but “work” in USA.

#4 Automobiles Tesla Model 3 with autopilot and regular system upgrade on a remote basis. The high-volume output was planned to take place at the end of 2017. We managed to find out that the automobiles were launched but we did not manage to find any solid number of facts about clients satisfaction rate.

#5 The most expected technological products of 2017 are smart lenses by Samsung that may correct eyesight and substitute photo camera, scanner, watch and are integrated with the internet browser. Samsung has been granted a patent for the product but we could not find the way to get the “contacts” (by the way, the project was started by Google and sold to Samsung in 2014).

#6 Earbug translator by Waverly Labs provides simultaneous translation online and in real-time. These bluetooth “bugs” translate speech from/into 5 languages. The portable translator will cost you $199 and is available in three colours. The “bugs” work on Android.

#7 Apple is about to release the new iPhone 8 and iPad 8 with a wireless charger technology. The night is young and 2017 has not finished yet. Some experts say that the release date of iPhone/iPad 8 will be changed from September to the end of October or even November. Well, all the Apple admires should have a bit more patience. Status: not launched yet.

#8 The Russian company Open Mobile Platform promised to release a smartphone based on the native operating system known as Sailfish Mobile OS RUS (the company is privately owned by Grigory Berezkin, the founder of ESN Energo). We didn’t find any opportunity to buy the smartphone because it was out of production. Status: apparently, not available.

#9 Zipline is a drone delivering medicines. The leading financial giants from Silicon Valley invested $25 million into this startup. This is probably number one in our list of successful technological innovations, according to its implementation. The drone is widely used to save lives in Rwanda.

#10 The Chinese brand Vivo that promised to launch a know-how smartphone with a totally transparent screen is the last in our list. Unfortunately, we don’t even know how far away it’s from us. Status: not available.

Not much time is left to see what technological giants will promise to us in 2018.
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