The Main Functionality for a Successful Pill Reminder Application

May 24, 2019

If you decided to develop a healthcare solution, this is a good idea, as mHealth is a promising field which will bring benefit to you and your users. And if you decided to develop a pill tracker app, this idea is twice better! According to the latest research, about half of the prescriptions worldwide are misused. People simply forget to take pills and hence a pill reminder in the form of a mobile application is a rescue. However, if you type ‘pill tracker’ in the Play Market search line, you will be suggested dozens of such apps, half of which is of no use. In order to make your app to shine among others, you should include the following 5 features to it.

User-friendly interface

The interface is the foundation of any software solution. As every single application, pill tracker app should have a simple intuitive interface so that even seniors can easily understand it. A good interface will allow users to easily enter the name of medicine, prescribed dose, frequency, time, and notes. Also, it would be great if the app has various pill icons that can be assigned to each medicine a user has to take, as well as a number of notification sounds. All this will make the usage of your pill tracker easier.

Refilling reminder

People forget not only to take medicines but also to buy them in time. For this reason, a solution that would remind about this thing too is much more valuable. For example, it can provide the possibility to enter the number of pills available and then set the refilling notification when 3, 5, or 10 pills are left.

Interaction checker

Some medications are dangerous to take simultaneously. The same applies to alcohol and some food. Therefore, in order to avoid the terrible consequences, a good pill tracker should be integrated with medication database and notify a user about adverse drug reactions. Also, the good idea is to notify a user about side effects that can appear in the first two days.

Vital signs tracking

Taking certain types of pills also requires checking blood pressure, weight, or glucose level. And this is the thing people can forget too. Thus, if a pill tracker reminds about checking these parameters and tracks them, it will never allow a user to forget about their health.

Integration with various devices

When the mobile phone is turned off or left at home, a user still should have access to the pill tracking via tablet, laptop, or simply another smartphone. Therefore, you should give the opportunity to integrate the app with all the devices people owe.

There are a lot of other features that can make your pill reminder awesome, such as gamification, medication progress reports sharing, etc. Still, the five features we mentioned above are crucial for the thriving of your mHealth solution. Do you have some more ideas? Contact us, and we will transfer it to reality.

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