The rules of freedom

Apr 28, 2017

There are many reasons why you may prefer to work at home. Andersеn is the company that always tries to meet its employees’ needs, regarding the work outside the office as well. However, today let us carefully consider all the pros and cons of remote employment.

Working at home, but not in the office, can turn into a serious problem not only for the employer, but also for the employee. It is your efficiency that will suffer first. Missing deadlines, making mistakes, losing the contact with management and colleagues, and even feeling bad can all become the side effects of refusing to work in the office.

Consider the pros and cons

The first thing to do before moving your workplace from the office to your home is to think over advantages and disadvantages of these changes. You should evaluate whether it will be more interesting and pleasant for you to stay at home, instead of going to work, not just for a day or two, but on a regular basis. Take into consideration all possible distractions. Small kids, who require constant attention, make work at home almost impossible – you’d better even not try. A neighbour, who has been redecorating his flat for five years in a row, will also interfere with your work. The sound of a perforator from morning till night will not let you focus on your boss’ task. Not everyone is lucky to have perfect dwelling conditions, that is why a house which is not pleasant to live in is hardly a good place to work.

Therefore, if the manager suggested changing your office to an apartment to work in, you should analyze all possible risks first. If disadvantages tip the scales, refuse the offer, even if you find it attractive.

Do not Neglect the Schedule

The opportunity to sleep for an extra hour saving the time for commuting may turn into a real bane. When you are allowed to manage your working time by yourself, your day will inevitably begin later, and finally you will tend to sit in front of a computer when your colleagues in the office are thinking about lunch. Thus you will usually finish your work at the time office guys are already in bed. The working day at home is still a working day, and the time saved on the way to and from the office should not be stretched for long hours. Otherwise, you risk becoming either an owl or an early bird, almost literally. You’d better exist in the same daily regimen with your colleagues, partners, and, what is more, with your customers, or else missed deadlines will become habitual, and your losses, including material ones – regular.

Of course, you should not neglect the opportunity to choose the time for work that is more convenient for you (unless your working day is strictly regulated).

The same refers to going for a walk. You may stay in day and night if you work at home. It is obvious that consequences will be very harmful for you. So do your best and go out every day, at least for the sake of the exercise.

Increase Your Efficiency

Work at home is often seen as an additional type of promotion. Of course, the company saves money usually spent on providing an employee’s workplace in the office. But at the same time, it takes a risk of possible loss of efficiency, which costs much more than overhead expenses.

Therefore, it is extremely important not to reduce the pace and efficiency of your work from the first day of moving to the home office. On the contrary, your performance should be higher than before. Otherwise, freedom will end very quickly, and you will again find yourself at your workplace in the office.

Combine Business with Pleasure

It is quite possible that you, just like Julius Caesar, can deal with many things at the same time with the same efficiency. At least we all tend to think so. Let’s be honest: the legend of Caesar remains a legend and does not apply to your life. Everybody should devote working time to solving working problems and postpone doing chores till the evening. You can hardly combine developing a project with washing the dishes – you’d better concentrate on a single option. Just remember that the employer pays for your work, not for keeping your household. I bet you wish he did!

It would not be wise to miss the opportunity to combine business with pleasure. You can easily allow yourself to walk your dog or cook dinner but during the break which has been planned in advance, and only if it will not prevent you from carrying out your working duties.

Solve Technical Problems Alone Now

When in the office, dealing with technical issues is often not included in our terms of reference. There are specialists who are responsible for it. If you work at home, the situation changes to the opposite. Of course, you may refer to the malfunction in some equipment, but it is unlikely that the manager will accept this excuse. The system administrator will not come to your rescue on the first demand. Access to the Internet and availability of the necessary software along with many other problems are your concern now. It is vital to pay the provider’s bill in time as well as to solve all technical problems immediately. You’d better have one more computer at hand and an alternative communication channel available any time.

Enjoy freedom

Even in the most comfortable office, we are still limited in the choice of workplace. In the vast majority of cases, all we can do is to change the location of the objects on the table. The home office provides an invaluable advantage. According to the experience of our employees, we know that the most attractive thing in the freedom of choosing a workplace is the opportunity to change it several times during the day. After sitting at the table and working on the most pressing problems, you can move to the sofa to reflect on the project. You can communicate with your colleagues in the kitchen over a cup of coffee or tea. You can finish the working day at the table again – plenty of options for your personal comfort! Believe me, a frequent change of place helps to avoid fatigue even after a busy day, to look at the task from a different point of view and finally to come up with an out-of-the-box solution. Freedom has a beneficial effect on a person, even if it is the freedom of choice between a desk and a sofa.

Be as open as possible

Any manager seeks to control the work of the subordinates. And if you were allowed to work at home, this does not mean that you are not controlled any more. Just on the contrary. The absence of an employee in the office encourages constant monitoring of his/her activity. It is fine.

Therefore, stay in touch with your management when you work from home. Any possible way is OK – e-mail, messenger or phone. In any case, your boss expects to get the quickest response from you any time. If you are not able to write a detailed e-mail, reply briefly, but immediately. And if for some reason you could not write back at that very moment, you should later explain why.

The same goes for your calls to the management. When we work from home we tend to deal with all current issues by ourselves, though you would definitely address them to the manager if we were in the office. Do not hesitate to disturb your boss – feedback is as important as control.

Be a Team Player

Remote work does not mean working all alone. You need to keep in touch with your colleagues as well as with the manager. Otherwise, your working desk will turn into a solitary cell and this does not have a good effect on the quality of work. It will also harm the interaction within the team and make to the psychological climate inside the community worse, especially when not only you but your colleagues also work at home.

Let the Messenger become the smoking room where people chat. Andersen appreciates the team spirit and practice informal chat rooms in Skype or Telegram. Here you can not only talk shop, but share your problems and some personal stuff.

After all, our job is not only the source of income, but a new experience, informal contacts with good people, and a sense of community.

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