What can Tinder teach us about creating dating app

Jan 17, 2019

A paintress once noticed that the best ever idea for the entertainment industry is love. Indeed, love is not only driving force of life and a source of inspiration for art but also a great opportunity for enterprisers to make big bucks. Reports say that an online dating industry earns millions of dollars yearly. Now the idea of developing your own dating app seems to be tempting, doesn’t it?
Despite the popularity of such applications, it doesn’t mean that every single dating app is doomed to success. If you want your app to be a great one, you need to know some hints of a successful dating app. As Andersen has experience in creating such kind of applications, we can give you some sound advice.

№1: Define your target auditory

There is an opinion that dating apps are used only by young people who want to kill time or raise their self-esteem. But the reality is that tо dating apps all ages yield surrender: teenagers, mature adults, and even elderly people are active users of such applications. Beside age, another thing that matters is location, as online dating acquaintances are supposed to become real in the end. Your app can be designed for citizens of a particular country or region, as well as for people who live in a small town. However, some applications are created to unify people from different countries and even continents. Also, your app might be dedicated to a particular lifestyle. For example, there are dating applications for LGBT+ community people, for followers of a certain religion, for ethnic minorities, for book lovers, etc. Conduct a market research and decide whether your app will be aimed at all people around the globe or at vegan gay women at the ages from 40 to 70 from Pasadena.

№2: Define features of your app

In order to gain popularity, using your app must be a pleasure. First of all, pay attention to the interface: it should be attractive and user-friendly. Then, make sure the app has all necessary functionality, such as:
Registration and authorization, with the possibility to log in via any social media
User profile with a user picture, location, an informative questionnaire and other means to express personality
Messages, voice chats, and video calls, as well as likes and comments
You can think about some other interesting features, some unusual or even unexpected functions. The aim is to make the application outstanding and better than others.

№3: Define the way of monetization

There are several ways of making money from the app, such as Freemium and trial strategies, subscribe, ad banners, Premium, and Paymium Paidium. You can read more about those ways here. Choosing the right way of monetization is a very responsible moment because if you choose the wrong one, it will make your project a failure.

№4: Bear in mind security

This must be emphasized, seriously. Online dating experience can become disappointing and even painful. A lot of unpleasant incidents take place in connection with dating apps: from receiving creepy messages and photos to cases of rapes by a person met on the Internet. Therefore, it is necessary to think about ways to protect your potential users. For example, some applications do not allow men to message first, others don’t allow people who have criminal records to register. Also, make sure there is a possibility to block and report creep guys so that your users feel safe.
Now, when you know the secrets of a great dating app, it is high time to create one. Have you already made up your mind? Contact us.

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