Why clients’ feedback is crucial for your business and how to collect it

Apr 04, 2019

Whatever your business is, a small baker shop or a car dealership, its thrive depends on the customer experience. All successful-oriented enterprises pay close attention to what people think and say about their services, and plan further business development in accordance with this. To make sure you move in the right direction and your clients are satisfied, you don’t need to read tea leaves – simply ask for feedback. Here are some tips that will help you to gather feedback correctly and turn the opinion of your clients into a profit.

Don’t be afraid

This is the first thing you should start with. Although numerous books and articles rant about the necessity and usefulness of criticism, few people are eager to hear it. Some entrepreneurs are unwilling to provide the opportunity for leaving feedback because of a fear to read bad stuff.

First of all, the amount of positive feedback will prevail. If you have doubts, just look through the comments on various websites: you will notice that around 70% of them are favorable. Always. Now it’s less frightening, isn’t it? It doesn’t mean that you will receive only admiration and nothing else. Yes, there will be negative feedback. Yes, such feedback might adversely impact the reputation of your business. At the same time, a lot of feedback, both positive and negative, gives people the perception your services or products are in widespread use. Hence the more comments you gather, the better. In some cases, after reading both types of feedback, people become curious and want to form their own opinion about your company by using your services.

Provide the right platform

Feedback is usually left on the company’s website, so along with the main content, there should be a space where your clients can express their opinion. Asking for comments, there is no need in sentences like ‘we really need to know your opinion’ or ‘any comment is welcome.’ The best thing is to express your desire to make sure a client is satisfied by asking if everything was good and what can be improved. In this case, people will leave more straight feedback.

The quality of a website is a crucial thing if you want to receive as much feedback as possible. Only incredibly assertive users will wait several minutes for the website to load and spend hours trying to find the feedback page. If you don’t want to kill clients’ desire to share their opinion, make sure the website is fast, simple, and user-friendly. In addition, it will be great if you provide the possibility to leave feedback in a mobile app. This will enable users to type a comment elsewhere and right after using your services when the impression is very recent.

Encourage clients to leave the feedback

As we mentioned above, the amount of feedback matters a lot. So if your clients are too lazy to type a couple of phrases about your business, you may stimulate them. Many companies agitate people to leave feedback through phone calls, emails, fly sheets, etc. However, these methods are not effective enough and can even be irritating. We believe the best way of encouraging here is bonus granting. For example, every client who leaves a comment or completes the survey will get a certain discount, a small prize or a product for free. In this case, people are much more willing to share their opinion.

Talk to your clients

Ideally, the work with the feedback should be assigned to one of your employees, who will be responsible for such things as reading comments, sorting them, and identify necessary improvements on the base of them.

Replying to comments, especially the negative ones, is highly recommended. However, your response must be carefully considered. For instance, if the negative reaction is caused by misunderstanding, it is a great chance to explain the situation and protect the reputation of your business. You should neither be rude in response nor try to prove the user is an idiot. In such a situation politeness will help you save face and play down the impression of the comment. If the client’s negative reaction is caused by your fault, it is better to accept your mistake, apologize, promise to take improving measures, and even suggest some sort of compensation, rather than offer excuses. It will not only enhance your company in the eyes of those who read it, but also regain the trust of that disappointed client.

Don’t take it to heart

You can’t satisfy everyone. Sometimes people have their personal reasons for disliking what your company suggests. And some of them simply like writing disgusting things and reduce somebody’s efforts to dust. Such feedback is of no benefit to your enterprise. In order to identify useless comments, as those who left them what exactly was wrong. Don’t pay attention to negative things and focus on those which will help to improve your business.

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