Why PM and BA are Keys to Less Burdensome Project

Dec 29, 2018

One of the most frequently asked questions we get from our customers is whether a project can exist without PMs and BAs – the answer is YES. A related question is whether this is a good way to save your development money – our answer is NO.

A Project Manager is the person responsible for leading a project; their responsibilities include overall management such as planning, execution and managing the people, resources and the scope of the project. They are familiar with a specific toolkit and are aware of numerous principles to manage a project. We have gathered all the advantages of having a PM on the project in 3 simple short paragraphs:

Communication with the Customer is handled by the Project Manager who knows what questions to ask, what information to reach, and what goals to set. Thus the communication takes less time, is more productive, and the developers can keep on working without pauses to clarify the task and so on.

Projects are more financially successful due to a PM’s business orientation. Project Managers always look at a project from a business perspective, which ensures many things, like meeting deadlines, avoiding using too many resources, delivering on budget.

Responsibility for the work done is always the PM’s obligation. Each project has dozens of tasks, and the Project Manager is the one responsible for understanding the tasks, distributing them among the team, and controlling delivery on time.

The role of a Business Analyst is different and comprises a contribution to solving the solution and implementation issues through expert advice and guidance to the Project Manager and the team. They work directly with the business solution analyzing the existing business systems and making recommendations for improvement. In simple terms, the BA’s function boils down to 2 aspects: Problem Identification and Problem Solving. So, the role of a Business Analyst becomes crucial as a project can be at risk of failure if no specialist is appointed to a BA role.

Assuming that the many skills and competencies required for these roles are common, the way of setting the competence expectation differs from role to role. Both a Project Manager and a Business Analyst are responsible for the success of each delivery and the product as a whole. They are responsible for the financial success, customer satisfaction, and smooth collaboration of every undertaken task.

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