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Date: Jul 16, 2017

Prejudice of hiring a junior

As a rule, almost any respectable IT company seeking for a decent candidate to fit a vacant position demands work experience in the specialty. If someone hires juniors or beginners, it looks like charity or volunteer activity. Of course, this is the way the company takes care of its PR, but it is still an exception and doesn’t fit the framework of hiring new employees... Read more

Date: Jun 09, 2017

Several effective techniques to make your employees’ motivation boost

Though the beginning of this article may sound strange, it is absolutely impossible to motivate anyone to anything. The motivation of a person is always intrinsic and depends on individual goals and values. And we can either accept and support them or demotivate them. How do we avoid the employees’ demotivation? This article will reveal some tricks that really work in Andersen... Read more

Date: Jun 09, 2017

The future of employment

... Read more

Date: Jun 09, 2017

Our New Office in Vitebsk

We are glad to inform you that this spring our Vitebsk branch has become brighter and happier. Our big friendly family has moved to a brand new office, which we've found to be spacious, bright, convenient and well-organized. Its provocative design keeps our spirits high and facilitates positive thinking, creative work and optimism.... Read more

Date: Jun 09, 2017

Automation of dairy industry: practical experience of Andersen

Agriculture is a rather conservative branch, and dairy farming is not an exception. Andersen was lucky to undertake one of the first big dairy farming automation projects in the Ukraine. Finally with the help of analyzing and processing of large data volumes impressive results were achieved.... Read more

Date: Jun 09, 2017

Code Reviews: 5 Helpful Hints from Andersen

Code review is a powerful tool to achieve several important goals in software development process. At first, it’s what helps to improve the quality of your software. At second, it’s what keeps your code maintainable and clean. Also it gets new people up to speed and helps to spread the knowledge within the team. But why do so many companies neglect it? Why does every tenth developer consider it as a mere formality? Should you really waste time on code reviews and why so? And the main question: is it really useful for customers and helps their businesses? This article will shed the light on all these questions and even more. We’ll tell you how to make your code reviews effective while keeping positive attitude to it.... Read more

Date: Jun 09, 2017

Why Test-Driven Development is important

Poorly documented code is a common problem in software development and the limitations of manual testing can lead to critical bugs being released into production. Luckily, test-driven development offers a solution. Test-driven development (TDD) is an approach where the development team writes exhaustive tests first, and then creates code designed to successfully fulfil those tests. This process results in the tests becoming part of the project documentation and “clean code that works”.... Read more

Date: Jun 09, 2017

Which Countries Lead the World in Software Development?

Software development is a modern industry but it has already become established in almost every country in the world. So how does each country compare?... Read more

Date: Jun 09, 2017

Outsourcing: countries with the most attractive tax regimes for software development

Beyond a skilled workforce and lower wages, companies looking to outsource also look for stable governance and tax incentives when researching locations around the world. Here, we examine the tax attractiveness of some of the best outsourcing options for IT businesses.... Read more

Date: Jun 09, 2017

Mercedes Me Cafe: a new chapter in digital storytelling

When Mercedes-Benz was faced with the challenge of maintaining their presence in Moscow after legislation came into effect excluding car showrooms in the Russian capital, they knew a fresh approach to marketing was required. The innovative Mercedes Me Café was their response, and we are proud that Andersen developers could help bring the concept to life.... Read more

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