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Date: Jun 09, 2017

What do all the most popular apps have in common?

Developers dream about seeing their app hit the top of the most-downloaded charts and getting their cut of the $58bn global app market, but this is a lot more difficult than most people realise. Rovio’s Angry Birds is often described as an “overnight success”, but it took the Finnish developers 52 attempts to hit gold. So, what makes a popular app?... Read more

Date: Jun 09, 2017

The rules of freedom

There are many reasons why you may prefer to work at home. Andersеn is the company that always tries to meet its employees’ needs, regarding the work outside the office as well. However, today let us carefully consider all the pros and cons of remote employment.... Read more

Date: Jun 04, 2017

Code Reviews: 5 Helpful Hints from Andersen

Code review is a powerful tool to achieve several important goals in software development process. At first, it’s what helps to improve the quality of your software. At second, it’s what keeps your code maintainable and clean. Also it gets new people up to speed and helps to spread the knowledge within the team... Read more

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