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To Outsource Or Not To Outsource? That Is The Question

Oct 12, 2018

Thousands of IT-companies around the world offer software development services and attract a huge number of customers. Many people are confronted with a question: does hiring an outsourcing company bring more benefits or damage? To answer this question, let’s analyze some reasons why IT projects can fail.... Read more

Как живут и работают индийские программисты

Sep 25, 2018

Как известно, Индия — лидер по поставке услуг аутсорсинга. На сегодняшний день в IT там работает 4 миллиона человек, что в шесть раз больше, чем в России, Украине и Беларуси вместе взятых. Вот мы и решили узнать, как эта отрасль устроена в Индии.... Read more

Развитие языков программирования

Sep 03, 2018

На данный момент существуют тысячи языков программирования, имеющих множество версий и реализаций. Но не все они одинаково популярны и востребованы. Одни используются во всём мире, как JavaScript или C++, а другие упокоились в мире, как какой-нибудь Cobol. Вся история развития языков программирования – это путь проб и ошибок, от громоздких машинных языков до самых современных решений, удобных как для разработчика, так и для потребителя продукта. Рассмотрим хотя бы последние 20 лет, чтобы понять, что изменилось за это время.... Read more

Guidelines for junior android developers or some tips to learn right now

Nov 15, 2017

Android software development is a huge and incomprehensible sphere. We gathered together a few guidelines for beginners. The earlier you take them into account the better you do.... Read more

How to avoid job burnout if you are an IT engineer

Nov 08, 2017

Job burnout is a consequence of hard and long work. It’s a stress of work with physical and mental exhaustion, the feeling of loss in self-confidence and self-esteem. This syndrome is widely discussed by psychologists and by employers who take care of their personnel. We’ll try to analyze if IT programmers are in the group of risk and how to cope with job burnout.... Read more

Smashing collection of tools and libraries you need to know as a web-developer

Oct 23, 2017

Frontend is a tricky thing. It's easy to comprehend. However, it's hard to become a master hand at it due to a great number of peculiarities. Fortunately, developers and designers create tools that make it easier to perform routine tasks and get freedom at work. That is why we decided to collect the most important ones here.... Read more

Advanced python techniques

Oct 05, 2017

Python is full of amazing functions and tricks. Inevitably you think Wow! You are cool, Python! We joined together a few functions we really like. We hope that you'll find them useful and say Wow! I didn't know it.... Read more

7 languages essential to be a “Master of Data Science”?

Sep 22, 2017

Data amount is growing fast every day, every hour, and every minute. The speed of new information rises dramatically and by 2010, the volume of generated data is expected to reach 1.7 MB per second.... Read more

What Path do you Choose, Senior?

Jul 27, 2017

What are the main challenges of the mature and established senior’s career growth? The salary seems to be fine, there are heartbreaking tasks at work, but there's still something missing. Often, they feel lack of clarity in professional and career advancement. This is the main uncertainty the majority of senior engineers face, especially the ones who doesn't want to claim mantle of a manager or a lead. This career stage is known as the "career Plateau".... Read more

Prejudice of hiring a junior

Jul 16, 2017

As a rule, almost any respectable IT company seeking for a decent candidate to fit a vacant position demands work experience in the specialty. If someone hires juniors or beginners, it looks like charity or volunteer activity. Of course, this is the way the company takes care of its PR, but it is still an exception and doesn’t fit the framework of hiring new employees... Read more

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